Nothing adds comfort and warmth to a room as easily as carpet. Increase the warmth of a room without increasing your heating bills. The many different types of carpet give you a lot of variety to find a soft floor covering that fits your style. Many new carpet options have built-in stain resistance, which makes your rug easier to clean when spills inevitably happen. There are new and advanced options for stain and soil resistance, carpeting made with 100% post-consumer content, and the classic wall-to-wall look remains popular as well. The right carpeting choice will actually work to improve indoor air quality, and with proper installation and maintenance, will maintain its beauty and comfort for years to come. With an insulation value, cushion under foot, modern textures, and improved acoustics for your rooms, Everyone can enjoy the many types and textures that carpeting has to offer. Want to make your outdoor space as inviting as your home? Consider Outdoor Carpets and Turf to add to your backyard style.

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