Pro Tip #1

Corkback vs. Rubber Back
Knowing the right underlay for your comfort is a good place to start when choosing your next floor. Foam core backing is a solid choice when it comes to comfort and affordability. It is also a good option for climates with extreme temperatures or noise exposure as a foam core backing offers thermal and acoustic insulation. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable material, cork is the better choice.

Pro Tip #2

Loose lay vinyl planks are a DIYer’s dream. Easy to install, no special tools required. If Glue is not your preferred method of adhesion, you can use a specialty double sided tape to do the job. Did you know, if properly installed, the glue cures to a tacky consistency leaving the planks more “floating” than stuck, and can be individually lifted and replaced, in case of damage? Just reactivate the glue by applying direct heat, et viola! Swap out the damaged planks with a new one.

Pro Tip #3

Keep a list of any questions that come to mind as you research your options. What kind of surface are you working with? Will you be starting with poured concrete, covering an existing floor, or ripping out old carpets? The subfloor materials may even be inconsequential, depending on which type of flooring you choose, as certain laminate and vinyl floors can be installed over existing surfaces without removal

Pro Tip #4

Building a budget will make decisions that much easier when the time comes to choose your flooring. Be sure to accurately measure your rooms, and decide beforehand what you are willing to spend on your project. Don't forget to figure in the cost of additional items like vapour barrier, acoustic underlay, mouldings and installation. Coming in prepared will help you feel confident in your ability to make the right choice for your family, and that's where true comfort starts!

Pro Tip #5

Do not skip the crucial step of acclimating your floors before installing. Floors naturally expand and contract to the humidity and environment of your home. Let your floors sit in the space you’re going to install them for a minimum of 48 to 36 hours to avoid any gapping in the seams or squeaking down the road.

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